Forged steel square bar

 1.2344/H13/SKD61 Annealing Forged Steel Square Bar For Die Casting Mould With Width 205-610mm


1. Chemical Composition(%)


2. Features
A. Electroslag remelting steel, the steel has a high hardenability and thermal cracking resistance,
B. Contains a higher content of carbon and vanadium, good wear resistance, toughness is relatively weakened, with good heat resistance.
C. High temperature with good strength and hardness, high wear resistance and toughness,
D. Excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and high resistance to tempering stability.

3. Applications
For the manufacture of large impact load forging die, hot extrusion die, precision forging die; aluminum, copper and its alloy die-casting mold.
A. Die die, such as: mold kernel, inserts, thimble, sleeve.
B. Extrusion die, such as: mold, mold pad, bushing.
C. Aluminum and copper hot pressing molding die.Plastic mold.
D. Cold, trimming, hot shear, tightening ring and wear parts.

4. Heat Treatment:

Heating temperature/ºCCooling wayHardness (HRC)Tempering temperature
Tempering numberHardness
First preheatingSecond preheatingLast heating
500-550750-8001020-1050Oil Cooling or Air Cooling56-58560-580340-45

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